Enable Quota Management

From Manage drop-down list in Server Manager, click Add Roles and Features option.
EnableQuota Img1

On the initial wizard box, click Next > button.EnableQuota Img2

On the Installation Type tab, select Role-based or feature-based installation option and click Next > button.EnableQuota Img3

On the Server Selection tab select the appropriate server and click on Next > button.EnableQuota Img4

On the Server Roles tab, check File Server Resource Manager box which will give a sub-window, click on Add Features button and then click on Next > button.EnableQuota Img5

On the Features tab, don’t select anything, just click Next > button.EnableQuota Img6

On the Confirmation tab, verify the summary and click on Install button.EnableQuota Img7

Once the installation is completed, click on Close button.EnableQuota Img8

Now the role installation is complete so open up the File Server Resource Manager console from Server Manager.EnableQuota Img9

On the File Server Resource Manager console, expand the Quota Templates sub-container and then click on Create Quota Template… option to create a new template.EnableQuota Img10

Give appropriate Template name, assign quota limit size, select Hard quota and click on Add button. On the Add Threshold box, configure all the appropriate options and click on OK buttons to create the template.EnableQuota Img11

Now, expand the Quotas sub-container and click on Create Quota… option.EnableQuota Img12

Configure the options appropriately and click on Create button.EnableQuota Img13

Now, in the Quotas sub-container, you’ll see the folders on which the quota settings has been applied.EnableQuota Img14



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