What is Citrix Receiver?

The Citrix Receiver is a universal software client that provides secure, high-performance delivery of virtual desktops, shared desktops and applications. It is a free product which can also be configured for Single-Sign-On (SSON) and it is freely available at https://www.citrix.com/products/receiver/ or Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore or Blackberry AppWorld.

Using Citrix StoreFront or Web Interface in conjunction with Citrix Receiver allows users to access XenApp/XenDesktop resources from different types of client devices like iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac OS-X, iPad, Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, Android Smart Phones, Google Chromebook, ThinClients and embedded operating systems.

Citrix Receiver works with the HDX protocol built on top of the ICA protocol. The ICA protocol actually sends keyboard and mouse input to the remote server and receives screenshot updates on the client device. This traffic is handled by the Receiver. HDX protocol extends this procedure by providing a high definition experience of Windows applications to users working on many of most well-known devices.

For administrators, there are few individual GUIs available in Citrix Receiver installation folders which can be helpful to perform advanced tasks:
1. ConfigurationWizard.exe – To bring up the dialog-box to add an account.
2. ControlPanel.exe – To open the Preferences dialog-box.
3. PrefPanel.exe – To open the Advanced Preferences dialog-box.
4. CtxCFRUI.exe – To open dialog-box to configure local folder redirection.

There are also some commands available like shown below:

Print Helper command:

Flash cache command:

ICA configuration:


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