How to enable Citrix SSO (client side)

Download Citrix Receiver from then install it with SSO option checked and reboot the system to start the ssonsvr.exe process. Right after installation, if it prompts for ‘email’ or ‘server address’ like above, you have to enter the link given by your Citrix administrator and click on Add button. Alternatively, you can cancel this dialog-box … Continue reading How to enable Citrix SSO (client side)


Trouble unresponsive XenServer VM

There are times when a XenServer VM gets stuck and multiple attempts of ToolStack Restart and Force Shutdown doesn't work at all. In that case, you need to destroy the Domain and then start the VM on any host. First, log into the XenServer host through PuTTY and execute list_domains command as shown below: Here, … Continue reading Trouble unresponsive XenServer VM